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for the best party!

We'd love to join you at your next event. Whether it be corporate party, wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any other get together (reality tv watching parties?), count us in!


What's Included?

  • You choose 6 of our flavors and we'll spin unlimited cones during your allotted time (reservations are a minimum of 2 hours) On average that includes anywhere from 45-60 cones per hour. Additional flavors are an option, for more information visit our event add ons page. Looking for flavor recommendations? Click here for a list of our flavors! . 

  • All our cones are spun white (with the exception of the classic pink sugar and blue raspberry). If you prefer to have your cotton candy colored let us know! We can do this at no additional cost! We just need to know colors prior to your event!

  • On site will be one attendee to spin and serve. Additional machines/spinners and more cones per hour are an option, for more information visit our event add ons page.

  • We bring all our own linens and everything else we'll need (check out social media for pics of our setup, it's realllllll cute!). All we need from you is access to a standard power outlet and 8ft of space for our table (or we can use yours if there is one on site)! Also, please let us know if we need extra-long extension cords too and if there is any issue bringing our cute umbrella to set up indoors or out. Anything else you can think of? Just shoot us a message or give us a call!

  • Additional pre-packaged containers for favors to-go can be added on for $5/container for small or $13/container for large. Orders will be pre-packaged and brought ready to go to your venue. We can either hand them out, or you can place them wherever you choose. Pre-packaged cotton candy also features sprinkles/toppings at no additional cost (optional). Please note, cones are not served with toppings.

  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it!: Add on options for an extra price include custom event sticker labels, air brush edible stencil designs, additional machines/spinners, light up LED cones, glitter bomb beverage puffs, flavor add ons, glitter cone toppings and more! Click here for more information!

  • For Namaste & Sugar Day! yoga and cotton candy party package information please click here for details.


Please note, events that are more than 20 miles (40 miles round trip) from our home base in Solon, OH (do require a $50 additional travel fee. We currently are only serving the Cleveland-Akron/Northeast Ohio area for events. But, you can always order pre-packaged online if you are out of our service area!



Once your event time approaches we will mosey on out. Please be aware if your event line is long 15 minutes before close, our event attendees will cut off the line at a certain length to ensure we can get through the line with the remaining time left in your reservation. Event attendees do not stay later than the contracted time, but will spin up to the last minute of your reservation.

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