event add ons

Take your cotton candy to the next level with one of our add on options! From glowing cones, to fun air brushed stenciled designs, bright balloon arches and more, we love to customize your event to your vision!


Each of the below services is in addition to the base price of your selected package for live spin events only!












AIR BRUSH DESIGN- $15.00/Hour Per Hour of Service (Full Duration of Package Time Required)


Take your cotton candy to the next level with one of our edible air brush stencil designs, right on your cotton candy! This is a great way to add a little extra personalization to any event!

Air brush designs are applied with edible ink and can either be placed on every cone spun, or placed just on display cones that sit on our cone stand at your event. Please indicate which you prefer within your contract when adding this service.

Custom design stencils for initials or monograms can also be done on cotton candy for an additional $15.00 (labeled as such in the stencil gallery). All other air brush designs are complimentary when added to your package. 

To view our entire stencil gallery please click herePlease indicate which stencil(s) you'd like when filling out your event contract. Limit 1-2 stencils per event please.

GLITTER BOMB BEVERAGE PUFFS - $3.00/Puff (Minimum of 15 puffs per event)

Take your drink game to the next level with our edible Glitter Bomb Beverage Puffs! Great for party favors (each comes individually packaged in an adorable food-safe 4 oz. container) or for gender reveals (the colored glitter is hidden inside!)

How to use: 

1. Open and drop edible glitter bomb beverage puff into your beverage of choice.

2. Stir and enjoy your magical drink!

3. Feel fancy, take a selfie and tag us on Insta and FB! We love seeing you guys enjoying @clecottoncandy

Choose from pink, silver or blue edible glitter for your puffs! Unless a specific flavor is requested, all of our cotton candy is made with classic sugar flavor so as not to interfere with the flavor of your drink. If you have a preference and would like flavored cotton candy for your puffs, please indicate so at the time of ordering. Please limit to 1 flavor per 15 puffs.


Our Glitter Bomb Beverage Puffs are glitter are FDA compliant and 100% edible/consumable, 100% Kosher Certified, Vegan, Nut Free/Dairy Free/Gluten Free and are tasteless and texture-less, so you'll just taste our sugary cotton candy mixed in with your drink!​

Please let us know within your contract how many puffs you'd like (minimum of 15 per event please!)


EDIBLE GLITTER TOPPINGS- $55.00/Per 2-hours of service (Full Duration of Package Time Required)

Add a little sparkle to your cotton candy cones with our edible glitter topping! The perfect WOW factor for any occasion! Available in a variety of colors. Please limit your selection to one color for your occasion.

Please let us know within your contract what color of glitter you'd like for your event!

GLOW IN THE DARK COTTON CANDY/LED CONES- $3.00/Cone (Minimum of 15 LED cones per event)

Make your cotton candy come to life with bright and colorful LED light up cones, perfect for evening events or dark settings! Cotton candy is spun directly on these fun light up sticks that double as a party favor! 

Each cone is 11" and features 7 fun different steady and flashing light modes. Each LED Cotton Candy Glow Stick has an easy to grip handle and comes with pre-installed AG3 batteries that are easily replaceable! Doubles as a fun glow stick once your sweet treat is done! Bonus, guests can take them home and continue the fun!

Please let us know within your contract how many cones you'd like (minimum of 15 per event please!)

ADDITIONAL FLAVORS- $20.00/Per Extra Flavor 

Just can't choose between flavors and six isn't enough? No worries! Upgrade to a more extensive flavor selection by adding onto your existing package for more delicious options!

Please let us know within your contract how many and which flavors you'd like to add on.


Want to avoid lines at your event and keep the cotton candy coming? Book an additional machine that comes with an additional spinner! This option allows you to offer double the cotton candy cones on the hour! Each spinner is able to spin 60 additional cones an hour ie: 2 spinners you'll receive up to 120 cones an hour!​

Please let us know within your contract how many additional machine/spinners you'd like on site!

BALLOON GARLAND- $210.00 (Includes Delivery, Custom Colors and Set-Up)

Match your event decor/color scheme with a beautiful custom balloon garland. We've partnered with locally owned Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit to bring you their beautiful garlands right on site that are custom made to fit perfectly with our setup! 


Enjoy hassle free service! Our team handles the delivery and setup of your garland and places it strategically near the cotton candy stand to draw attention and WOW your guests! Your garland will range from 8 ft.-10 ft. in total size! 

This is the perfect way to add a colorful, whimsical and elegant accent to your event and it will tie in perfectly for any occasion!


Choose up to four custom colors for your garland to match your event's color scheme! Please let us know within your contract if you'd like the service added and what colors you'd like!

**Please note following the event you are responsible for what you do with your garland, most venues will remove it for you if you choose not to keep it! We must say though, they are perfect for photo backdrops and selfies, so you may want to take it with you!!**

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