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event stencils

Take your cotton candy to the next level with one of our edible air brush stencil designs!


All air brush services are an additional add-on of $15.00/hour within your event package


Air brush can either be placed on just display cones on our cone stand at your event, or placed on each cone given to a guest. Please indicate which you prefer. Please note that adding air brush takes a little bit of extra time (15-20 seconds per cone), so if you anticipate large lines you may just want to have us use it for the take and go display cones and have us ask guests if they'd like air brush added or skipped on their cones as they order.


See below for our current selection. Custom design stencils for initials or monograms can also be done on cotton candy for an additional $15.00. See below in gallery for those options, they will have a $15 price tag next to them, all other stencils are complimentary. If you have your own image you'd like us to use, we can do that! Simply email your artwork to Custom art stencils are also an additional $15.00. We ask that you limit to 1-2 stencils for your event.

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